Blade N.O. Muscle building system



BLADE N.O. EXPLODE Muscle building System COOL!

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Body building system


This is cool. Explode your body, create muscles and a hyperbody mostly when you sleep.


Integralmédica brings to the national market Blade NO Explode, the most potent and effective supplement for those who want to get the most out of your workouts. Designed with a clever blend nutrition, Blade NO Explode aggregates all the best ingredients used by the best bodybuilders in the world.
This advanced combination of ingredients provides significant gains in muscle mass, strength, endurance and volume. With greater cellular oxygenation your muscles can work in full swing, with peak performance. The greater the ability of your body retain nitrogen, the greater your chances of getting a positive nitrogen balance, thus a greater muscle growth.

There are 8 unique formulas into one product, distributed in three specific stages:

Stage 1: Blade Ammonia Scavenger (Detox Concept);

Stage 2: Blade Pump Factor (Pre-Workout Formula);

Stage 3: Blade Growth Factor (PM Formula).



Research conducted in the Colgan Institute of Nutritional researchs - California / USA, pointed out that during training the body produces the energy needed for physical activity, but also produces ammonia, a toxic and harmful waste product that needs to beeliminated from the body. The higher the level of ammonia in the blood lower the performance of the muscle and the greater thefeeling of muscle fatigue.

Stage 1/AMMONIA scavenger consists of two different formulas, distributed in 5 doses:
AMMONIA scavengers: Developed by Integralmédica is a supplement to the base of ornithinechelate body that seeks to removethe ammonia produced in the body, so that it can keep in afavorable metabolic situation during physical activity;

Techno Nutrients: Formulated with an advanced blend, this supplement aims to facilitate the process of detoxification of the body.
Altogether there are five doses of AMMONIA scavengers. Each dose should be consumed at night before bed, during the 5 days preceding phases and 3/GROWTH 2/PUMPFACTOR FACTOR.

Important: It is not recommended the immediate use of the stages 3/GROWTH or 2/PUMP FACTOR FACTOR without shutting down the correctstage 1/AMMONIA scavengers.



This stage has been specially formulated to give the body strength, explosive power, prolongedvasodilation and anti-catabolicaction, all the muscles need to support an intense workout.

Stage 2/PUMP FACTOR, consists of three different formulations, doses distributed in 22:
Thermo Ripped Hardcore: Power methylxanthine, to provide additional strength and muscular explosion during training;

Nitric Oxide Injection System (NOIS): On the basis of arginine chelate, to promote an efficientvasodilation, leading to greatermuscle size and nutritional support;

Growth Activator Leukic: Free-Form leucine to stimulate protein synthesis and prevent musclecatabolism (degradation stepoccurs where the compounds).

Important: The stage 2/PUMP factors should be consumed 15 minutes beforeworkouts.




Renowned researchers in exercise physiology are unanimous in saying that the peak muscle growth does not occur during training, but while we sleep. At this time, you must provide the body with nutritional substances that interact with the hormonesnaturally produced by metabolism, seeking to recover and ensure the muscle anabolism.

Stage 3/GROWTH FACTOR, consists of three different formulations, distributed in 22 doses:
Testo Amplifier: A patented mineral formula scientifically designed, aimed at increasingnatural testosterone levels, occurs while sleeping;

MGF1 (Muscle Growth Factor 1): Integralmédica Exclusive formula developed by using raw materials imported from the United States. Its main component is the Tri-Fx, a nutritional-basedcompound "Colostrum Oxen." For more information visit the SportsUSA Whey(

Immuno Factor: Based on glutamine peptide, aids in muscle recovery and helps in maintainingan immune system strengthened.

Important: The stage 3/GROWTH FACTOR must be used at night before bed.







This is cool. Explode your body, create muscles and a hyperbody mostly when you sleep.





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Blade N.O. Muscle building system

Blade N.O. Muscle building system

BLADE N.O. EXPLODE Muscle building System COOL!

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